There are several rooms that a guest will go through during their Walk With Christ.


We begin with the Nativity room.  This room portrays the glorious events surrounding the birth of the Savior.



Next we move to the Ministry room.  Here we hear about some of the events in Jesus’ life as he taught and blessed people’s lives.


Last Supper

After that, we arrive at the Last Supper.  Here we get a taste of that special time that Jesus spent with His Apostles as His life on Earth was coming to a close.


The Garden

From the Last Supper, just as Jesus and His Apostles did, we enter The Garden of Gethsemane.  That is a very sacred place where parts of the Atonement that we cannot fully understand were performed.



We follow, as Jesus was then taken to Pilot’s Palace. There Jesus, who will judge the whole world, was judged by men.



The crucifixion is our next stop. This is a very powerful experience. To think of the scourging and crucifixion of the Savior of Mankind, who did no wrong and went about doing good, creates deep and complex feelings of sorrow and gratitude for what He suffered for us.


The Tomb

After the deep, dark experience of the crucifixion, we go, as Mary did, to the Tomb and find it empty. We have gone from the darkest experience to happen on Earth, to the Most wonderful, glorious, uplifting experience that has ever happened. The Savior has triumphed over death.


The last room is a video based on the book “Reflections of Christ” (by Mark Mabry). The book is photographs that were taken of models representing Christ and others He interacted with. The images are beautiful and the video presents them wonderfully.

There are refreshments available after the walk and a chance to see many beautiful paintings of Christ.


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